A 2014 Holiday Message from the Cesidian Church

The Absolute Highest on the Human Scale:

Argentine court extends human right to freedom to orangutan

The Absolute Lowest on the Human Scale:

'Horrors of sexual violence': Yazidi women forced into slavery, commit suicide, Amnesty says

It is clear that not all men are created equal in moral or ethical terms.

It is clear that some apes are more moral or ethical than some men.

It is clear that the DAY OF JUDGEMENT is also near, for the fields of humanity are full of wheat, and full of tares (weeds) as well (Matthew 13:24-30).

Be happy, those who are Meek, at the Good News: it is a fact of history that animals, and apes in particular, preceded man to space:


It is only fair if apes precede humans to SALVATION as well.

The news from Argentina is GREAT NEWS from a religious or spiritual perspective!

God bless Argentina and all her friends!

The news from Argentina shows that there is still hope for HUMANS if they have enough GOOD WILL to SAVE at least "A Few Good Apes"!


Cesidian Church testing Salvation before the Big Day (pre-Judgement Day Salvation test)

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