Cesidian Virtues

In the Book of Cesidian Virtues you won't find a lot of fine print. Nor will you find a lot of words.

There are only 7 Cesidian Virtues, and they are virtues because Saints possessed the same. Cesidians don't call a virtue something that is a violation of the 14 Commandments. We don't call that a virtue, but a virtue without love, which isn't a virtue at all!

When people say they have a duty, it is not because they are virtuous; it is because they lack prudence, or their employer does (usually governments). People who are prudent really have no duties!

When people say that the law must be upheld, it is not because they are virtuous; it is because they lack a sense of what true justice is. People who are just have no legalities to be guided by!

When people say that a government should do this or that, it is not because they desire fortitude from their governments; it is because they desire fascism!

Prohition is not the same thing as temperance, for prohibition is imposed from others, while temperance comes from within!

Communism wasn't about faith in government; it was about ideology without borders, and that's why it failed. People who have faith are not reckless; it is the ones that are run by ideologies that are, and they will even kill because of their ideas!

Hope is what the Children of God have; the humans that are not God's Children are only full of a sense of entitlement!

Charity is what a decent person gives so others can meet their basic needs; the rich, however, are never charitable, not even towards themselves, but extravagant!

The truth is this: if you are truly virtuous, you can do no wrong! But Kings, Leaders, and Priests have committed crimes throughout history not because they tried to be virtuous, but because they thought there was such a thing as a virtue without love! There is no such thing as a virtue without love, because that is not a virtue at all!

Cesidian Virtues
What you didn't find in The Book of Virtues
Virtue Virtue Without Love
Prudence Duty
Justice Legalism
Fortitude Fascism
Temperance Prohibition
Faith Ideology
Hope Entitlement
Charity Extravagance
Remember: prohibition is not a virtue; temperance is! - Cesidio Tallini