Beware of the seductive, yet fallacy-laden scientistic religion

In the eye-opening, and myth-shattering response below, delivered via Facebook to persons who believe in the scientistic religion, the highly seductive, yet fallacy-laden belief in scientism, the Bishop of the Cesidian Church not only proved them wrong, but also accidently showed that the best scientific methodology leads to the following conclusion, which has been apparently missed by the world's best scientists: the "End of This World" is going to happen soon, and there is nothing you can do to stop it (entirely) from happening, because it is part and parcel of the laws of the universe even the best astrophysicists have yet to discover.

What you can do, starting today, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, is limit the extent or damage of the "End of This World" in your own immediate neighbourhood or environment, and you can start doing that by avoiding to believe in false religions.

All false religions, including the scientistic religion, are not only based on pseudo-logic, but on a phoney system of law and justice, and all false religions are fundamentally genocidal to the entire human race in the long term.

. . . So let's wait for the vaccine makers to test whether the theory [the theory that vaccines may, at least in part, produce autism] is right or wrong then, or let's make vitamin and herbal extract makers test the theory!

Let's also trust that the vaccine makers will put public health ahead of the profits of a select few, even though Big Pharma is not non-profit, and actually is for obscene profits, and in the meantime let's also make sure we give our kids 110 vaccines (none of which were compulsory 110 years ago)! Surely that is not overkill, or another form of human body pollution! It is also ethical or moral to treat humans like [non-sacred] cows, and make vaccination compulsory, but there is no equal legal compulsion to test whether vaccines are based on junk science. That makes a lot of juridical sense!

After all, real medical science is not really about testing theories, or making sure we are as right as we can be anyway, right?

Medical science is also above the law, since you cannot sue for damages if these vaccines harm you, and the doctors are protected from any liability inherent with their "perfect" science, based on the assumption that it is "natural" for the human body to accept patented, and thus non-natural substances. Even the general premises of battlefield, [or] concentration camp medicine are quite reasonable!

If a ship goes down in the ocean, however, we expect the captain of the vessel to go down with it, even though he is not really responsible for the building or design of the ship. I guess mariners are greater scientists than medical doctors!

If an engineer designs a bad bridge, however, he and/or his firm are liable, but not MDs! They are not responsible for those iatrogenic causes, and why do they even call those things "iatrogenic", if MDs are Gods, superior even to Jesus?

The most optimistic linguists also predict that at least 50 percent of all languages spoken today may become extinct by 2100, that is, we may lose at least some 3,553 languages by the next century [1], but no scientist on earth, except one eschatologist I know, has figured out that this also means that at least 3.5 billion people alive today, may not be alive anymore by 2100, even though there is a correlation between the total number of people, and the total number of languages spoken.

Is this a verifiable prediction of the End of This World, and despite all the smart medical doctors we have, all ready to save our lives (our freedoms too!), because after all, MDs are Gods, superior even to Jesus? MDs are such Gods that they can even break the law, while the God named Jesus is still required to not be above the law!

That isn't a Jewish, or Judeo-Christian religion, because it doesn't even meet the standards of a true religion!

I wonder what kind of false religion might battlefield medicine, or government-protected, mafia medicine be, that religion that puts MDs, Big Pharma, and even GMO producers above the law...

Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [2, 3]
Cesidian Church