Knox Bible becomes UMMOA officially accepted standard

The meanest of them shall be ancestor to a thousand,

the least regarded, to a great nation;

swift and sudden shall be the doing of it,

when once the hour is come.

Isaiah 60:22, The Holy Bible, Knox Version

The Bishop of the Cesidian Church has many different versions of the Holy Bible, in over 20 different languages, but his English language Bible collection alone is almost as varied and massive in its own right.

Today — 9 January 2015 — the Knox Version of the Holy Bible was added to his collection.

In 1936, Ronald Knox was requested by the Catholic hierarchies of England and Wales to undertake a new translation of the Vulgate with use of contemporary language, and in light of Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. The New Testament was published in 1945. The release of the Knox's version of the Old Testament occurred in 1950.

Templegate Publishers produced a facsimile of the New Testament in 1997. Baronius Press secured the rights for the work from the Diocese of Westminster in 2009, and their new leather bound edition of Monsignor Knox's translation was published in October 2012, and a copy of this edition is now in possession of the Bishop of the Cesidian Church.

The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, commented on the new Baronius Press edition that "Ronald Knox's translation of the Bible remains an exceptional achievement both of scholarship and of literary dedication. Again and again it successfully avoids conventional options and gives the scriptural text a fresh flavour, often with a brilliantly idiosyncratic turn of phrase. It most certainly deserves republication, study and use."

The Bishop of the Cesidian Church cannot help but agree with Archbishop Rowan Williams' assessment, and since he is also the Governor of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), the Knox Version of the Holy Bible has become the eighth officially accepted UMMOA version of the Holy Bible. The UMMOA now accepts these Bible versions officially:
  • World English Bible British Edition
  • New International Version – UK
  • New Revised Standard Version, Anglicised Catholic Edition
  • Bible in Basic English
  • Jubilee Bible 2000
  • Contemporary English Version (Anglicised Version)
  • Knox Bible
  • Darby Bible Translation
The Bishop of the Cesidian Church also accepts several other versions less officially, such as the New International Reader's Version, the Contemporary English Version, the New Living Translation, or the New American Standard Bible since they may enhance, of help to enhance, the understanding of particular biblical verses.

Here is the Cesidian Church's version of the verse mentioned above, enhanced by different Bible versions, and some deep and original insights of the Bishop of the Cesidian Church:

The most insignificant man will become a clan,

And the micronation a mighty nation.

At the right time I, the LORD,

will make it happen.

Isaiah 60:22, The Holy Bible, Cesidian Church Version

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