Please remind the so-called scientists

We are told that (rocket) science flies you to the moon, and (false) religion flies you into buildings.

However, political science might as well be called false science, since it taxes earth-based buildings like they were moon-based buildings. Who is the owner of the building ultimately, and what value did political science add to it that it didn't have already?

Moreover, economic science hasn't figured out that if (fiat) money has any value at all, which doesn't really have any intrinsic or natural value (like gold, silver, or oil may have), it is because of people, so people should be paid for using the money, not banks for lending it, who don't add one iota of value to the money.

Why do (traditional) politicians and bankers make so much money without adding any value to their services, while everybody else has to provide most of the value services actually have, and for very little or no money at all?

Are you beginning to understand the laws of planetary motion, and not the laws of people no planet revolves around?

The first laws are called rigourous or physical science, while the second laws are called pseudo or social science.

Please remind the so-called scientists that to err is human, but some humans are always in error, not sometimes in error. Perhaps they are even bright enough to tell which is one, and which is the other.

Please remind the so-called scientists that the ones that are always in error will be eliminated like defective products when the time is right, that is, when the Makers of Man judge the earth is full.

Sorry if the latter fact may not easily compute or add-up for some.

This is called sound or true religion, while that which computes or adds-up for a few is called man-made or false religion.

This message was brought to you by the Cesidian Church.
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]
Cesidian Church