The religion of the unmarried ones

Food for thought: my answer to someone on Facebook who believes in the "religion of marriage", and why it has nothing to do with Christianity, if it is not anti-Christian entirely.

You should read this article in the New York Times (NYT), where the writer defames me (Cesidio Tallini) simply for being single, and past 45:

I am not aware of any gay or lesbian being defamed simply for being gay or lesbian lately, but this still does happen to singles, which you probably aren't, I guess. I guess I have also broken some rule for still being single past 45. If I did, please tell me which!

Or you should also read this book:

Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It

Or perhaps you should read the article below, which shows how the marriage institution started as a quasi-sovereign private entity, where the pater familias, or Roman patriarch, had priestly (and tyrannical) functions within his family. It is a fact that he literally owned his family. He could also kill or sell any family member, for he was the sacred priest of the family, and the master of their domain:

So today gays and lesbians continue that old tyrannical Roman religion, which ultimately lead to Satan's religion, in case you did not know: the almost 200 sovereign States, they themselves now functioning as ultimate patres familias, who own their States (not according to Psalm 2...), and can kill (or sell) anyone within with impunity (not according to some real laws, also mentioned in the Holy Bible)...

Am I supposed to admire you if this is your unegalitarian, tyrannical, and criminal religion?

Should you really go emphasising past crimes, which continue to be committed in many States within families, and undoubtedly within every single UN member State?

I am also an independent Catholic Bishop, and I was both a priest and bishop even back then when the article in the NYT was written, but this was not conveniently mentioned by the article. This in part because I don't wear my religion on my sleeve, or on myself — unlike some other folks, who push their primitive, pagan, criminal, unegalitarian, and essentially anti-Christian faith on everybody else, as well as the derivative, Satanic religion with its needs for empire and tyranny through the "rule of law". A "rule of law" which, of course, has nothing to do with ethics or true morality, and everything to do with one's primitive and pagan religion.

So either the NYT journalist was evil at the core, like anyone practicing the ancient, evil, unegalitarian religion, or he assumed I was just a "happy to be single guy", as if this were a crime!

In his religion, and your religion apparently, either you are the master of the house, or of the company, or of the State, or you are a slave, a doormat, a child, someone to be used by those who practice your religion! You cannot be neither a master, nor a slave! Either you own someone, or are owned by someone!

This is the religion of monkeys, not of children who are equal even before the advanced Gods that created them.

In my religion there are no slaves, no inferior adults in status, only in your religion.

In my religion, "all men (or women) are created equal", as a very famous person once said. There are no kings, or tyrants, or rulers, only peers.

For when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven. (Mark 12:25)

The Bishop of the Cesidian Church (contact), and the author of this article, was ordained as a non-denominational Minister by Rose Ministries, and was consecrated as non-denominational Bishop by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. He was later ordained as an Independent Catholic Priest and Bishop by the Universal One Church. The Bishop of the Cesidian Church was also ordained as a Native American Medicine Man or Traditional Leader, and later consecrated as a Certified Minister and Practitioner of the Sacred Order of Lehb of the Native American Church of the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization. The Cesidian Church is  Nazorean, or simply  Cesidian. The word  Cesidian comes from the name  Cesidio, which is not really a name of Latin origin, but of Osco-Umbrian, Sabellic, or Italic origin, and which was originally written from right-to-left (not left-to-right), and pronounced  Kaisiris.
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